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We are here to reverse the brain-drain that occurs in Dehradun immediately after high school and graduation.

We simply provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your own approach to managing performance and provide you with tips and techniques to lead you to success. Game Changer Academy gives stellar "IAS/IPS Coaching, with some key advantages:

Comprehend the Pattern

UPSC civil services exam will be easier to clear now after change in syllabus and pattern after 2013 (intro of CSAT), we will show and tell by Question papers and Cut off marks.

Deep Question Analysis

Last 5 years (2015 to 2019) actual UPSC prelims question papers will be discussed and solved in Assured Prelims Success Program (APSP). One-on-One approach to every question by a Serving Senior IPS Officer.

Learn from your last attempt mistakes

UPSC standard and pattern based mock tests periodically (in actual exam mindset and conditions).

Important Courses

Courses Provided by Us

AMSP (Assured Mains Success Program)

A 3 months program for UPSC Civil Services Mains (written) examination

APSP (Assured Prelims Success Program)

A 3 months program for UPSC Civil Services Mains (written) examination

NCERT Foundation Batch

All important NCERT's covered along with the approach to prepare for UPSC.


100% success guranteed

Why Game Changer

Gain an 'Extra Edge' over other competitors

Learn to clear UPSC Prelims with less knowledge and more strategy, by actual analysis of last 5 years UPSC Prelim papers by Senior IPS Officer who scored All India Second Highest in Mains written examination. We are responsible for your Failure, of course, success is yours to claim.

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